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NovaEra-OT® - A massive multi-player online role-playing game.

NovaEra-OT Info
Experience Stages:
From Level To Level Rate
1 8 50x
9 75 450x
76 150 350x
151 250 250x
251 350 150x
351 450 75x
451 550 35x
551 600 15x
601 650 10x
651 750 8x
751 800 7x
801 850 4x
851 900 3x
901 --> 2x

Skills Stages:

Magic Stages:
From Skill Level To Skill Level Rate
10 25 60x
26 50 30x
51 80 20x
81 102 10x
103 120 5x
121 --> 2x
From Magic Level To Magic Level Rate
10 25 60x
26 50 30x
51 80 20x
81 102 10x
91 99 8x
103 120 5x
121 --> 2x

Server Rules

NovaEra-OT World Type:

On NovaEra-OT the world is PVP you can attack any player (with exception on Rookgaard).
This will give you a white skull , and if you kill someone you will get a protection-zone lock for 15 minutes and your skull will stay during that time.
If you kill a player without a skull, you will gain a frag, and depending on amount of frags, you may recieve a red skull  or even get banished.
You do not gain frags from killing players wearing skulls.
If you would recieve a redskull, it will be lasting for 12 days from the last moment you had frags enough for a redskull.
A redskull always drop all items upon death, so if you have a redskull, be extra careful.

Yellow Skull System
If a player attack a skulled players that didn't first attack them, they will gain a yellow skull  visible for the skulled player.
The skulled player can then attack and kill a yellow skulled player without getting a frag.

Other Informations

Guilds: 8 level (Create via website)
Respect our rules.
Please report rule violations (Botters, players breaking rules etc) with CTRL + R.

Creature of the Day Boss of the Day Monster Pedestal and Players Online Box
Best Ue
Level: 1175 / Master Sorcerer
Fumo Droga
Level: 1035 / Elite Knight
Level: 958 / Royal Paladin
Level: 931 / Elite Knight
Level: 907 / Elder Druid
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